You must consider when purchasing intimate lubricants

Please note when purchasing intimate lubricants

The range of intimate lubricants used in sex in today's market is huge. And despite having special care with ingredients, origins and effects of everything else that we touch in our bodies, when it comes to intimate lubricant, it is often a different matter.

Sadly, we often think little about what we use in our intimate area. However, our mucous membranes are even more sensitive than our skin. Simply ask anyone to sensitive mucous membranes. Which by necessity have to look more closely at the ingredients in personal lubricants. Since Sex Shop here in Madison we have many years of experience in this area, and because we attach great importance to the quality of our products, This article explains what to look for when buying an intimate lubricant.

Also keep in mind that lubricants are solution to vaginal dryness.

Directives and regulations for personal lubricants.

Intimate lubricants for use with condoms are called medical devices, que deben registrarse en todo el mundo en las clases 1 y 2. From the legal point of view, this means that the production of personal lubricants must meet the same standards as the production of cardiac pacemakers. Even so, not all manufacturers meet these requirements, as this naturally involves a great effort and expense. As a result, personal lubricants are still produced without records and requirements are observed.

Los lubricantes sexuales que puedes encontrar en Madison se producen de acuerdo con las clases obligatorias 1 y 2. As the lubricants of different brands that we sell are sold worldwide, They should take into account the directives of the authorities, including American, Australia, Russia and Europe. Es por eso que elegimos vender solamente lubricantes conocidos en todo el mundo y con la norma DIN EN ISO 13485 y la Directiva 93/42 / EEC para dispositivos médicos, which they are also preconditions for 2nd class in Europe.

Quality control in intimate lubricants.

Each country has different authorities supervising the guidelines and directives for personal lubricants used with condoms. However, depending on the market, these controls are sometimes not performed often enough. Why there are still many unregistered products on the market. With products such as sexual lubricants can buy in Madison, you can always be sure that they are registered with all authorities. Then, as well as many other, which it means that comply with all directives and standards:

The FDA in the US. UU .: the Food and Drug Administration oversees food, drugs and medical devices in the US. THE. FDA decides whether a novel food or medical device is approved and, Therefore, you can sell. The FDA differentiates between three classes of FDA: class I, class II and class III. The Class I products represent less risk for patients and users. The class two represent a medium risk. And class III represent the greatest risk to those using the product compared to other classes.

The TGA in Australia: The situation is similar in Australia. The responsible authority there called Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, TGA for short. Like the FDA, TGA oversees medical devices in Australia. Those who are not registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Products Medical Devices (ARTG) They can not be sold in the Australian market. However, TGA takes into account the European CE mark, It is making the registration process easier for products that have this marking.

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers still try to circumvent these regulations. Therefore, Consumers should take additional steps to protect themselves looking for seals. Usually they found in a product or its packaging. We look at some of these seals below.

Dermatologist tested intimate lubricant

Stamps to pay attention to when purchasing intimate lubricants:

We are probably all familiar with the label 'Dermatest’ vegan or flower of the Vegan Society. Labels like these are awarded to products independent testing organizations. They indicate to consumers that these products meet standards and specific standards. There are a lot of labels that consumers can be aware. We have listed only a few of them below: THIS

Sello EC:

A product bearing the CE marking meet the requirements of health and safety of the European Union. The use of CE marking demonstrates to consumers that the manufacturer complies with the directives and EU standards. All lubricants may be used with condoms have this symbol on the label.


The label 'Original DERMATEST’ It is used to indicate products where manufacturers have maintained their commitment to the proven quality and approved. There are three different degrees Seal: garantía de 5 estrellas / probado clínicamente, garantía de 3 estrellas y garantía Dermatest. This label is given to sexual lubricants were dermatologically tested and does not present a risk to intimate.

ECARF quality seal.

The ECARF seal is particularly important for allergy sufferers. It is used to indicate products and services that an allergic reaction is very high. ECARF quality seal is unlikely. Specific threshold values ​​and exclusion criteria are tested and are considered. Este sello le dice a los consumidores en más de 30 países si un producto es adecuado para personas con alergias. Some of the Flavored lubricants used for sex carry natural ingredients made of fruits and so some people are allergic. Consult label and your family doctor if you are allergic before using.

Flower vegan Vegan Society:

This stamp shows consumers that products with this distinction does not contain any animal products and are not tested on animals.

Personal lubricants are used in the innermost areas, even internally. That's why people probably want to make sure that the products have been tested properly. Therefore, consumers should look manufacturers a little more closely. The stamps listed here also help consumers decide whether a product is suitable for their own use. You may also like: vaginal lubricant, as use and because.

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